Get Corporate Sustainability Reports From a Trusted Source

Whether you are in charge of your company’s social responsibility or need to view and compare corporate sustainability ratings, the key is to get all related data from a trusted source. One single source that uses patent-pending methodology of extracting CSR ratings from over 7,000 public and private companies around the world is

CSRHub possesses the largest CSR and sustainability information database in the world. You may need to present these reports to your company stakeholders, to an activist checking up on company social responsibility of a leading global company, or may want to present sustainability and CSR reports as part of a university project.

All of your specific needs can be realized at a single website that combines data from over 200 sources that include AccountAbility, Better World Companies, Caring Consumer, Climate Registry, Dow Jones Sustainability Index-Europe and Global, Fortune 500 List of Top Companies, Trucost, and many more. You can view the complete list of sources in detail at the website.

While different sources track different companies in their own unique ways, CSRHub uses its unique system to remove inconsistencies and bias, and provides corporate social responsibility ratings in a numerical manner. You can register for free at this site and search for a wide range of companies based on name, geography, industry type, and data source. You can buy reports that you wish upon free registration.

Subscribing at CSRHub allows you to download customized reports in Excel as well as track company social responsibility ratings history over an extended period of time. You can also view business sustainability reports from many sources as well as stakeholders. The pro subscription option allows you to get additional data for a fee in PDF report form. Their annual subscription plan currently offers a discount over monthly subscription of 3 months of free services, which in turn substantially lowers the fee amount.

CSRHub has won accolades for its corporate sustainability and CSR database from a host of companies that include public and private companies, charitable organizations, universities, and individuals. Your need for highly reliable information and customized reports can now be addressed from a single website that provides both free and paid options.

Extracting detailed information on company social responsibility as well as business sustainability can be a tedious job. Rather than risk making errors as you scramble through a mountain of data gathered from different sources, you have an option of just visiting CSRHub to get these reports from a trusted source.

CSRHub rates 12 indicators of employee, environment, community and governance performance and flags many special issues. We offer subscribers immediate access to 23 million of detailed data points from our 200-plus data sources. Our data comes from nine socially responsible investing research firms, well-known indexes, publications, “best of” or “worst of” lists, NGOs, crowd sources and government agencies. By aggregating and normalizing the information from these sources, CSRHub has created a broad, consistent rating system and a searchable database that links each rating point back to its source. The rapidly expanding CSRHub dataset principally adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 guidelines.

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